Derma Roller

Padra Hair & Scalp Derma Roller | 540 Titanium Needles | Ultra-Fine Needles Tips Size – 0.25mm | Ergonomic Handle

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BRAND: Padra


Created to help thin looking hair to support scalp and follicles. Opens passages for the scalp and follicles to absorb Nutrients & Vitamins to grow. Helps Malnourished hair follicles to grow again.

How it works:

  • Promotes Hair growth and provides Thicker, Fuller and Healthier hair.
  • Helps provide hair follicles the Nutrients & Vitamins to grow.
  • Help Malnourished or Dormant hair follicles begin to grow again.

How to use:

Sterilize the Derma Roller in rubbing alcohol solution or with hot water and soap before every use. Wash your effected area before using Derma Roller. Apply light to mild pressure while rolling 5-10 times across in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal pattern. Apply hair growth products, serums, oil, spray. Sanitize and air-dry Derma Roller before storing it back. Use 2-5 times a week depending on skin tolerance.

* Replace Roller after 30 Days of use.

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